Ponencia "Accountability and political regeneration in Spain: actual issues" en la 62nd Political Studies Association Annual International Conference: In Defence of Politics; organizado por la Political Studies Association de Reino Unido, Belfast, Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido, abril de 2012. 
The concern of the Spanish society over the political class reached its highest score recorded among the different barometers of the Sociological Research Center, in May of this year, reaching the 22.1 percent, as reflected in the study published on June 9. Surpassing the previous mark maximum reached in September 1995, when politicians were cited as a problem by 21.5 percent of respondents. This accounted for 15 consecutive months and as the third national concern cited by the barometer.
Why the ruling elite is a significant problem for Spanish society after 33 years of democracy? That is the question i try to answer in the paper that I would argue in the Congress of Belfast, studying how is the accountability in Spain, and political system tools that are within the political necessity of regeneration by social groups and minority political parties. With that I pretend analyze whether the system is responsive to the demands that are generated, and if the system is transparent and participatory.